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I am so excited for Coast City Comicon! I think it will be an absolute blast! I get to see some old friends and make new ones. Won’t you please come see me there? My boss has instructed me to take lots and lots of pictures and you can be sure I’ll be posting them here and on my facebook page.


Info for the Con can be found here:



Vendredi Craft Fair

Come see me today in Casco, Maine 9am-3pm!

Crooked River Adult & Community Education Center 1437 Poland Spring Road, Casco, ME 04015

New Hearts and Translucent Clay Experiments

I’ve been absent for quite a while because of computer troubles, but I have been busy! I’ve been playing around with translucent clay. There are so many interesting effects that can be achieved by layering different colored paints and glitter between the translucent layers. Here are a few examples:

Victorian Accessory Ornaments

Here is a peek at some of the holiday ornaments I’ve been working on. They feature Victorian style clothing with added adornments such as clock bits, ribbon and glitter.

The method I used to get the image on to clay was a clay transfer. I edited the pictures on my computer to make sure they were extra dark, printed them out with my ink jet printer, and laid them out flat with the image face down, on unbaked polymer clay. I used a rubber roller to make sure all wrinkles and air bubbles were gone and then I spritzed the images with water and gently and slowly rubbed the paper off of the clay leaving the ink. Then I baked the images and removed the left over paper after they had cooled.

Sun Journal Interview Link

Here it is! I’m very excited to announce it’s hot off the press today!


For those of you who don’t know, I also have a deviantART page. I’m going to be posting a lot of my sketches and things there.

Sun Journal Interview

On the 21st I had my first real interview! I will be appearing in the Sun Journal on October 1st, so keep an eye out for me!

I was very nervous during the days leading up to the interview. I also had a really terrible head cold that zapped all my energy making all the cleaning I had to do more difficult than usual. I was also really excited of course. I’m just starting out and this seems like a really great opportunity for me. I got all dressed up in my usual fancy outfit and wore one of the hats that I made. I set out a small display of what I felt were some of my best pieces and arranged my typewriters. When the man from the Sun Journal arrived to interview me he was very nice and quite easy to talk to. Most of my fears dispersed, but I still had trouble explaining myself at times. Trying to describe how and why I make hearts is always a little challenging to explain. The photographer was also friendly. She took quite a few pictures of me in front of my display holding Ira.

The advice I would give to any other artists with an interview before them is mostly to just stay calm and not get tongue tied. Try to plan out some of what you want to say before hand and have examples handy.

My Etsy Shop Is Finally Here

Please check out my new Etsy Shop! I will be added a lot more stuff as the week goes on.

ANIMAINE 2012 Artist Alley Setup

It was quite difficult trying to get all 328 items to fit on my table! I rearranged it several times during the convention.

Animaine 2012 is here!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera cord so I won’t be able to post any pictures of Animaine until I get home.

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